tirsdag den 25. oktober 2011

1971 Roadrunner RC 1/10 scale

Well, the blog is not 100% dead just yet!
I thought I would just throw in a few pictures of one of my lates projects, a 1/10 scale RC model of my Roadrunner. Since nobody makes a 1971 RR bodyset I made one myself.
This would also be a great excuse to build a vacuum forming machine, so I started with just that. After that I purchased a 1970 Barracuda bodyset, cast a plaster mould in it, from which I then modelled a 71 RR body. I then vac-formed a bodyset from .75mm Vivak clear plastic and painted it. The bodyset sits on a Tamiya RWD chassis with a live rear axle just like the real thing.
You can check out the build process on www.tamiyaclub.com Type "Plymouth" under the seach tab and the galleries will pop up!

onsdag den 26. august 2009

My 1971 Roadrunner

Gearbox just had an oil/filter change. Ready to go for a ride?? -well, no! The front left brake is binding and I need to figure out if its the new pads needing some copper paste to stop binding or if the new master cylinder needs more slack from the brake push rod.
Can't wait to take it for a spin, the motor sounds awesome!
Some specs for the tech guys:
440 Cu.In
Holley Street Dominator Single plane
750 Speed Demon carb.
Mopar Purple cam 509/292
Forged pistons
3500 stall converter
4.10 Suregrip rear end
727 Torqueflite auto

torsdag den 29. maj 2008

1971 Plymouth B-body

My favorite car of all times is the 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner. Designed by John Herlitz and his crew at Chrysler Plymouth Division back when all a car needed was a beautiful exterior and a BIG V8 engine. (Who needs brakes and handling anyway?)

I own a '71 Roadrunner my self and really like the lines and shapes of the car more and more. Being a car nutter I started thinking - what if.....?

What if Plymouth had pulled out a Convertible version of the 1971 RR? -or a Delivery van? - or a Chevy El Camino killer? - or......a HEMI Loaf???

Check out these photo'chops' for yourself!


mandag den 26. maj 2008

Super Van Concepts

Imagine that Citroen had decided to continue the popular HY van with a new, modern design following the beautiful DS series from the 50'ies and 60'ies!

I've had a thumpnail sketch laying on my desk at work for some time and my colleagues all agreed that a Photo'chop' was needed to clarify whether it would make a good looking van or not!

So, here's the sketch and the photo'chop' of my Citroen Super HY. While I was at it I threw in a Panhard Van too - those never existed either!

fredag den 2. maj 2008

Gasser Madness

Pure speculation: Seventies gassers

Imagine that the Gassers had survived the sixties! The "Gassers" and the "Altered Wheelbase/Factory Experimentals" (A/FX) of the sixties dragrace tracks, evolved into "Funnycars" and got further and further away from the street cars they originally derived from.

Let's imagine that the glorious Gasser days had continued into the seventies......cool! Well, at least I think it would have been cool with some Muscle Cars Gassers. Maybe they would have been something between the Gassers and the Funnycars, Fibreglass bodies on high'n'mighty steel axle and ladder-bar chassis.

Check out these sketches and decide for yourself!


mandag den 28. april 2008

'73 Mustang

Just a couple of sketches of a job I did for a '73 Mustang resto-mod project.

AUDI Nuvolari wheels and Coker red-line tyres, a Ford 460CI crate engine and a Tremec 6-speed gear box.


Chineese Bubble-cars

Pure speculation: Chineese Bubble-cars

In the late 70'ies and early 80'ies, small 2-stroke bubble-cars were all the rage in Chineese motorsports.

These small monsters were raced in spectacular hill climbs on bendy mountain roads. They were mostly 2-person cars with 1 or 2 cylinder 2-stroke engines, 1000 cc max. We're talking serious noise and "blue smoke" levels!!

Affordable, fixable and seriously poor handling. Good fun for spectators!