mandag den 26. maj 2008

Super Van Concepts

Imagine that Citroen had decided to continue the popular HY van with a new, modern design following the beautiful DS series from the 50'ies and 60'ies!

I've had a thumpnail sketch laying on my desk at work for some time and my colleagues all agreed that a Photo'chop' was needed to clarify whether it would make a good looking van or not!

So, here's the sketch and the photo'chop' of my Citroen Super HY. While I was at it I threw in a Panhard Van too - those never existed either!

7 kommentarer:

Frantz sagde ...

2 beautiful vans. Great work!

Lewis Clark sagde ...

Wow, that looks awesome. You have changed the looks and rightly named it super van. Hope to see few in real life on the roads.

Anonym sagde ...

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Unknown sagde ...

I like the name "super van"

Prince Gola sagde ...

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Lilia sagde ...

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Muhammad Azwar sagde ...

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